The Light of Kelad

  Originally it was a flame can combustion chamber from a Russian Aircraft Soloviev D-30KU-154 Jet Engine but now it’s a sculpture by day and a magical light display at night.     A little background…. The Soloviev D-30 is a Soviet two-shaft low-bypass turbofan engine, officially referred to as a “bypass turbojet.” Fitted to… Continue reading The Light of Kelad


Kaleidosphere Lampshade

If you  remember the 60’s, you really weren’t there

Much of this decade was about bright colours, groovy designs and music that came out of London. Kaleidosphere borrows its inspiration from the 60’s.  Bright, fun and funky, it’s a delight for kids….big and small.

Constructed of multiple layers of hand cut, triangular, brightly coloured, woven wood paper.