Westminster Palace

Westminster Palace

It’s not something I can honestly say I have ever aspired to but when the invitation arrived I was intrigued and found myself in the heart of London on a truly beautiful Summer’s afternoon.

On our way in we are met by a rather austere Oliver Cromwell, who, if you know your history, was a controversial figure who rose to power to eventually become Lord Protector of the Commonwealth.



Oliver Cromwell


As we make our way inside, I am immediately struck by the Gothic style architecture.

Pointed arches and ribbed vaulting is one of many distinguishing features of Gothic architecture and one I will never tire of personally.



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Celestial ceilings, large windows, tracery (ornate stonework that holds the windows), carvings and ribs make for a dizzying display of decoration.  I felt an almost sensory overload with the amount of imagery my mind tried to process.

The guided tour was interesting but the architecture was a marvel and still leaves me in awe…



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