Concorde Engine Blades

My latest foray into aviation art, no less than a Concorde Engine Blade! It certainly is a spectacular piece of Rolls-Royce engineering.

All the pieces that I use in aviation art have been in service. Now although it is quite spectacular as it is, as an artist, I need to add another dimension so that I can truly showcase its hidden appeal.

I subject them to my special treatment to unlock their hidden beauty and finish off by polishing the blades painstakingly to a mirror finish. They are displayed on a graceful lucite pedestal with a sterling silver hallmarked information label wrapped around its base.

Each blade is a limited edition, unique piece of art and matched to the pedestal it rests upon with each blade bearing my registered logo applied by the London Assay office.

The gallery below depicts Issue 1 1-10 of 20. Interested parties can email me for more information.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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