Studio Saga Continues…

There has been so much to do that I still haven’t been able to start work in the studio. The poor Koi that BH had in a holding tank on our patio have had a new home dug for them.

The pond is almost five feet deep.  We can’t wait to transfer the Koi over from their confined holding tank, we were having a lot of water issues.

Block surround with ledge for pond plants. The pond will be approximately five feet deep and nine feet across.










Felted and lined. Ready to fill with water.

Pond with Rockery and Path






The pond is pretty well finished, a few cosmetic finishes remain.

The fish are going to love their new home.

We’re going to finish off with a rockery feature and path to complement.






The cracked concrete pathway has been replaced with crazy paving.  Herbs are waiting in the wings to be planted and soon we’ll be able to seed a lawn sprinkled with chamomile.

Roll on Summer…



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