Spelt Loaf Anyone?

What do you do, when you’re waiting for a studio to materialise?  You bake, or at least I do.

I have been weaning myself off wheat and of course everyone else in the household. Wheat does not like me, a few slices of a crunchy baguette, with some soft cheeses, mmm Le Pié d’Anglos, Saint Agur, Cambozola, we have at least five varieties of cheeses in the fridge at all times to be savoured and enjoyed every evening before dinner with a superb full bodied red…Rawnsley Estate, an excellent Ozzie wine….whoops, I digress, so, as I was saying, the wheat baguette that I love, doesn’t love me back – hives, feverish, prickly skin. I feel so much better for eliminating it out of my diet,  no bloating, no tiredness and quite simply all our stomachs feel happier for ditching it.

After endless reading on the art of baking and the myriad of flours available, I now bake all our breads, baguettes, (yes, I mastered the baguette on the fourth round), rolls, savoury crackers, biscotti or crepes with spelt and I love it!  Not only do I prefer my bread to shop bought but I know exactly what went into it, it’s far healthier, lower in carb and 100% tastier to shop bought.

I’m no chef but I do enjoy cooking and now, baking. Spelt Loaves



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